A curious thing

I literally peed my pants the first time I took a rollercoaster ride. It was at the local fair and I was 4 years old. For some freak-of-nature reason that one ride kept on haunting me.

Once I got older I deliberately wanted to find the same experience again and again.

While doing so, I always took the leap of faith out of the comfort zone. All the way to the outer reaches of my previous experiences.

I wasn’t supposed to become an entrepreneur. Turns out there was something curious about entrepreneurship.

I was so afraid of public speaking I threw up in front of the class. Turns out there was something curious about speaking.

I never knew how to tell stories in writing. My teacher told me I should do math instead. Turns out there was something curious about writing.

And it so happened that the very limits of life itself were expanded as a byproduct of curiosity.

Curiosity became my job.

I wanted to find out what is the deciding factor of success. I now believe that it is energy. Since we all have the same 24 hours in our days, the deciding factor is our energy level of execution.

My purpose is to generate energy and then share it. So you may succeed even more!