Books that I work on

1. The Storytools of Testing

I’ve met with way too many testing professionals who have ended up working by the rules others have written for them. This book is about the tools testers can use to inspire others to change their mindsets about testing.

The book is out now! Check it out on Amazon!

2. The End of Test Management

Most test management practices are a residue of the last century industrial complex. Ranging from measuring to execution, testing has been arranged into work on an assembly line. Now it’s time for the revolutions because we work a creative craft instead of an industrial process.

Will be published in 2019

3. The Art of Bug Hunting

Testing professionals end up working with age old methods and tools mostly because the better alternative is hard to grasp and explain to those who don’t know about testing yet. This book taps into 12 years of experience running a testing business and delivers a practical recipe to creating a bug hunting method of your own.

Will be published in 2020