The microscope and the telescope

This is a photo I took of a brick wall. You see it is white.

If you looked closer you might notice it is not the whole truth. It actually is a brick wall that is only painted white.

And if you looked even closer you might notice it has a texture. It’s not all white. The texture makes the light spread unevenly and there are shades of grey too.

And if you looked even closer you might notice the small cracks on the paint as well. And the strokes of the brush. And the specks of dust that are already covering it.

You could look even closer. You might begin to understand that it is not the paint but a delicate combination of solvent, binder, pigment and additives which covers the wall.

There is no limit to how deep you could go into it.

Nothing we see is just the thing we see. It becomes a different thing when added the components of for example distance and time.

A microscope and a telescope are both tools you could use.

Develop your awareness to know which one you need right now.

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