Tivi Service Desk 2020 Conference

// Helsinki Finland

  • 2-day seminar on future of service desk!
  • How will automation change the game?!
  • Amazing  people to meet up!

HELSINKI, 25.-26 MARCH 2020


(This one is in Finnish)

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Antti Niittyviita is best described as a source of energy in everything that he does. He runs a successful business of 45 software testing professionals and during his 14 years as a testing guru and a CEO, the author has met more than 2200 people in one-to-one discussions about how to create professional level-ups. Antti's keynote talks are inspiring, entertaining and full of insight.

Keynote talks

Andre Noel Chaker - Chairman, MySpeaker

"Antti is one of the most authentic and cheerful persons I've ever met. He has huge energy as a speaker ready to be unleashed!"

Carla M. Jones, Author & Coach

"A true leader is one who has mastered the effectiveness of taking action with the passion that magnetically engages people to enthusiastically grow his mission. Antti is this leader. To hear him speak is to choose to be infused by his Passion for Excellence!"

After working as a software testing specialist for a decade, Antti started to give workshops and training to professionals in the software industry. Today, he has already coached over 2000 individuals in skills related to creating high-quality products.

Antti does workshops on topics like productivity, time management, professional development, software testing, and public speaking. Get in touch with him to learn more!

Personal workshops

Simo Hosio - Adjunct Professor, University of Oulu

"Every time I meet him, Mr. Niittyviita shares profound and delightful insight into what it means to be outstanding both in professional and personal life!"

Jari Sarasvuo - Founder, Trainers' House Plc.

"What I love about Antti is that he is the type of person who makes the world a better place. His amazing energy shines through and is contagious!

Tiina Räisänen - CEO, Verkkoasema Ltd. & Founder, Digital Oulu

"Even though, he is an engineer, Antti has some profound insight to humanity, entrepreneurship, marketing and personal development"

Last year, Antti did over 200 hours of talks and workshops. See what happened during the time! And stay in touch by subscribing the channel on Youtube!

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Entrepreneurship at the core

Prove Expertise

Professional bug hunting services with 45 software testing gurus at your disposal. A successfull 14 year old business.

Online toolset that helps organise your mindscape towards significant level-ups both personally and professionally. Note that we are still a BETA.

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